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Published on April 6th, 2012 | by NJ Ouchn


DarkComet-RAT Remote Administration Tool v5.1.1 released

DarkComet-RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is software design to control in the best condition and confort possible any kind of Microsoft Windows machine since Windows 2000.
This software allow you to make hundreds of functions stealthly and remotely without any kind of autorisation in the remote process.
This software is a long time project , started the August 2008 , DarkComet-RAT is now one of the best and one of the most stable RAT ever made and totally free.

DarkComet Quick review

Strong Traffic Encryption : DarkComet assure you to protect the best possible your privacy , all the Client/Server comunications are encrypted in RC4-256b using a dynamic encryption key to prevent people to reverse the program and find the generic key, also if you choose a password for connection (recommanded) it will bind the RC4 generic key with your password then it will be totally impossible to guess/find the key.
Server settings are also totally encrpyted with the same cipher to protect at 100% your privacy data.
Full Microsoft Windows Compatibility : DarkComet is design with the latest IDE of Delphi with the last windows graphic API, then the user interface is really clear / profesionnal and easy to use , also it allow you to use DarkComet in any kind of Microsoft Windows platform since Windows 2000 in 32bit and 64bit systems.
Use it even on Mac / Linux : DarkComet is also design specialy for Windows platform emulator like , then you can run it without any problem under Linux and/or Mac and have the same confort than in a real Microsoft machine.
Graphics wont be crashed all will be display correctly and no dependency needed.
You don’t need to forward your ports : You don’t need to forward manually the ports in your router , since version 2.1 i include the UpNP (Universal Plug n Play) system , if your router is compatible (most) with UpNP then don’t worry about the ports all will be done automatically and with the best security , when you don’t use DarkComet the port will be automaticaly close to prevent attacks.

Works in chinese systems : The client is coded in a full natif Unicode environement then it can easily use and traduce in China, also since version 2.1 it works in all kind of Chinese operating system and display the correct Unicode characters.

Works in NAT via Virtual Machine : DarkComet since the version 2.1 works under Virtual Machine using NAT (Shared connection), then you don’t need to force a bridged connection , you can use NAT without any flux transfer problem , its also still very stable and fast even with a shared connection.

Unlimited possibility’s : DarkComet is the Remote Administration Tool that have the biggest amount of function , explore hundreds of functions and possibility like (Remote Capture,Webcam Capture,File Explorer, Process Manager,Registry Manager,Remote Shell,Password Grabber,Keylogger, Window Manager,Startup Manager,Remote Scripting,Fun Manager,System Informations,Msn Manager… and a lot more).

Multithread Technologie : DarkComet totally proffit of the wonderfull multithreading , you can do several actions at the same time with one or many users in same time , also the whole socket / threads are coded in pure Win32 API even for Client , that mean no components or VCL Class are use then i have control of the wholes windows events/message then its more fast and stable.


– [GUI ] Control center GUI change a little bit
– [FUNC] New functions added in control center >> Network category, called WIFI Access points, now you can see near wifi networks and hardware wifi card(s)
– [GUI ] Now in layout settings you can change the main windows GUI if you don’t like the default one.
– [FIX ] Fix the ftp upload keylogger problem
– [SYS ] Edit server settings system was revised and optimized
– [FIX ] DNS/IP backups issue fixed
– [SYS ] DNS/IP backups algorythm revised and more reliable
– [SYS ] Big problem fixed in client / server system
– [SYS ] Loader environement is more lite, unused function / variables been track and clean also few important functions been optimized
– [SYS ] Sound capture multithreading revised
– [SYS ] Server listenner multithreading revised
– [GUI ] Edit Server GUI changed, it is now more user friendly, also some help is now available for basic functions
– [FIX ] Custom icon loader fixed
– [FUNC] Quick Download / Upload added, it will upload / download single file very simply / fast and 100% multithreaded (can load infinite instance for each users)
– [FUNC] Add new Server Function, Upload file and execute
– [FUNC] HTML Scripting upload / execute improved and using the new upload system
– [FUNC] Batch Scripting upload / execute improved and using the new upload system
– [FUNC] VBS Scripting upload / execute improved and using the new upload system
– [FUNC] Update server improved and using the new upload system
– [GUI ] Sound capture design change a little bit
– [GUI ] Toast interface been improved
– [FUNC] Add two quick actions in Toast, open control center and kill user process
– [FUNC] Plugin upload remade using the new upload system
– [GUI ] Password interface been improved
– [FUNC] Export password list function added
– [FUNC] New function added in Computer Information tab, it will dump a lot of information about the remote computer (cant take up to 3min)
– [FUNC][HOT] Now you can edit the remote server using generated patch from edit server (change the settings in edit server then in finalization generate a new patch then upload to the user and it will take effect at the next process startup)
– [FUNC] Add a notification when you wan’t to uninstall the server from the SIN
– [FIX ] Bug fixed on SIN when there is no user and you click on some shortcut
– [FUNC] Minimal edit server added, very simple, fast to use and good for newbies or people that doesn’t need tons of choices but just the most important
– [FUNC] New IA system, detect if an old instance of DarkComet running at the same installation path, if yes it will regenerate a new path then avoid kind of installation errors
– [FUNC] Update from file added in SIN popup (users)
– [FIX ][HOT] A very huge bug was fixed in the connection thread, this was affecting random users and explain why they can’t get connections.
– [FIX ] Password grabber support now FireFox 9 , 10 and 11 (the latest version)
– [GUI ] Windows 7 only, a green icon appear in taskbar icon when there is a least one port that listen successfully
– [GUI ] Now you can disable the default main window layout with a normal one
– [FIX ] Keepalive thread bug fixed
– [FUNC] DarkComet Logs is stored in a different dir now
– [FIX ] An issue in webcam capture, you need to wait that all threads are correctly shutdown before doing another capture
– [GUI ] The webcam capture user interface changed 🙂
– [FUNC] Remote chat plugin added
– [FIX ] If my server isn’t able to be join, then the SOCKET ERROR will be mute and it will simply not update the noip.
– [FIX ] Uninstall bug fixed if using remote cmd befores
– [FIX ] When you cancel a transfer, the file handler is release
– [FIX ] Remote messagebox function is now async, it will not block other tasks until the remote user click
– [FIX ] Buz function is now async, same as messagebox


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