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Published on May 30th, 2012 | by MaxiSoler


HITB Security Conference 2012 Amsterdam – Materials

The Materials of HITB Security Conference 2012 – Amsterdam has been published.



CLOSING KEYNOTE – Ms Jaya Baloo – Identity Privacy and Security.pdf 1.9M
D1 SIGINT – Marinus Kuivenhoven – Hack to the Future.pdf 1.2M
D1 SIGINT – Ralf- Philip Weinmann – NO SLIDES.pdf 0
D1 SIGINT – Xavier Mertens – Pastebinmon and Leakedin.pdf 308K
D1T1 – Arnauld Mascret – Whistling Over The Wire.zip 41M
D1T1 – Claudio Guarnieri – One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.pdf 4.5M
D1T1 – Ivo Pooters – Turning Android Inside Out.pdf 6.4M
D1T1 – Juan-Pablo Echtegoyen – Attacking the SAP Solution Manager.pdf 2.5M
D1T1 – Roberto Suggi and Scott Bell – Browser Bug Hunting in 2012.pdf 3.3M
D1T2 – Adam Gowdiak – Security Threats in Digital Sat Televisions.pdf 1.9M
D1T2 – Adam Gowdiak – Security Vulnerabilities of DVB Chipsets.pdf 2.4M
D1T2 – Itzhak Zuk Avraham and Nir Goldshlager – Killing a Bug Bounty Program – Twice.pdf 5.4M
D1T2 – MuscleNerd – Evolution of iPhone Baseband and Unlocks.pdf 229K
D1T2 – Sebastien Renaud and Kevin Szkudlapski – WinRT.pdf 1.4M
D1T3 – Didier Stevens – Whitehat Shellcode.zip 100M
D1T3 – Gal Diskin – Hacking Using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation.pdf 2.9M
D1T3 – Jurriaan Bremer – Binary Obfuscation the SSE Way.pdf 1.5M
D2 SIGINT – Elger Jonker – Close-Up of Three Technical Hackerspace Projects.pdf 10M
D2 SIGINT – Rory Breuk and Albert Spruyt – Integrating DMA Attacks in Metasploit.pdf 2.8M
D2T1 – Alex Bazhanyuk and Nikita Tarakanov – Automatically Searching for Vulnerabilities.pdf 1.1M
D2T1 – Andrei Costin – Postscript Dangers Ahead – Hacking MFPCs.pdf 1.5M
D2T1 – Georgia Weidman – Bypassing the Android Permission Model.pdf 1.4M
D2T1 – Kenneth White – A Deep Analysis of Amazon Web Services.pdf 3.7M
D2T1 – Marco Balduzzi – SatanCloud.pdf 1.5M
D2T2 – Jailbreak Dream Team – Absinthe Jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1.pdf 4.9M
D2T2 – Jailbreak Dream Team – Corona Jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1.pdf 13M
D2T2 – Nicolas Gregoire – Attacking XML Processing.pdf 11M
D2T2 – Rahul Sasi – CXML VXML Auditing for IVR Pentesters.zip 63M
D2T2 – Steven Seeley – Ghost In the Windows 7 Allocator.pdf 1.3M
D2T3 – Chema Alonso and Manu The Sur – Power of FOCA 3.pdf 18M
D2T3 – Enno Rey Daniel Mende Pascal Turbing Matthias Luft – Smashing VMDK Files for Fun and Profit.pdf 6.1M
D2T3 – Mario Vuksan and Tomislav Pericin – Titan Engine 3.pdf 435K
KEYNOTE 1 – Andy Ellis – Staying Ahead of the Security Poverty Line.pdf 5.9M
KEYNOTE 2 – Bruce Schneier – Trust, Security and Society – NO SLIDES.pdf 0


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