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Objective By The Sea & ToolsWatch To Organize The First Edition Of macOS “Aloha” Armory (CLOSED)

We are extremely pleased and excited to announce our recent partnership with the renowned Objective By The Sea to promote a security & hacking tools demonstration area exclusively macOS oriented.

Indeed, it’s been several months since we discussed with our friend Patrick Wardle the opportunity to join forces and bring to the audience a dedicated area to demonstrate security & hacking macOS tools & scripts.

There is no need to introduce Patrick Wardle, who is today one of the leading knowledgeable security specialists in macOS systems and also an extremely nice guy we always love to talk to.

Say Aloha to the first edition of “Aloha” Armory and exclusive macOS security tools event.

Call For Tools

Want to demo at the world’s first macOS security tool event ? It all starts here, with a “Call for Tools” (CFT) submission!

Apple (macOS/iOS) security topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Malware analysis and/or creation
  • Vulnerability discovery and exploitation
  • Penetration testing & bug bounty automated scripts
  • Defense bypassing
  • Operating-system internals

To submit a demo, simply email hacker@toolswatch.org


Objective By The Sea v3.0 Info

Conference dates: March 12th – 13th, 2020
Conference location: Westin Maui Resort & Spa, in Ka’anapali Maui 
Conference/venue detailshttps://objectivebythesea.com/v3/index.html

See you in the volcanic archipelago !!!

Objective by the Sea, is the world’s only macOS security conference, which brings together the worlds top macOS security researchers and passionate mac users in stunning tropical locations.

ToolsWatch is a group of buddies who were helping people, back in the old days, to stay updated with their security tools & hacking toolboxes. Today ToolsWatch is the co-organizer of the World’s biggest security tool event Black Hat Arsenal since 2011.


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