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Published on August 23rd, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


Black Hat USA 2011: ToolsTube with Ferruh Mavituna on Netsparker

Ferruh is the CEO of Mavituna Security Ltd which is a small company consisting of nine people. Mavituna Security is a well-funded company and is here to stay. Mavituna Security focused on a single product “Netsparker, Web Application Security Scanner” and are not developing any other product or providing any other service.

The development and security research team is led by Ferruh Mavituna, who is also the founder of the company and a well-known application security researcher.


We are committed to developing a web application security scanner which accomplishes what it claims. A web application security scanner should find vulnerabilities and should not report false-positives. Therefore, instead of spending our time on creating useless features, we focused on actually finding vulnerabilities and eliminating false-positives.

Netsparker has confirmation and exploitation engines. These engines ensure that it does not report any false-positives and allow users to see the actual impact of attacks instead of a text which explains what might happen

With @netsparker (Ferruh Mavituna) at the Black Hat Arsenal Tool 2011

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