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Published on August 10th, 2011 | by NJ Ouchn


Black Hat USA 2011: ToolsTube with Isaac Dawson on The Web Browser Testing System (WBTS)

The Web Browser Testing System WBTS was built to quickly automate and test various browser and user-agents for security issues. It contains all the necessary services required for testing a browser. The following services are included: DNS, HTTP(S), Logging Services and support for VirtualHosts.

More information about WBTS

Isaac Dawson has been in the security consulting industry for nine years prior to contracting at Veracode as a security researcher. He has conducted hundreds of application penetration tests while working at @stake and subsequently Symantec Consulting. Shortly after @stake was purchased he released a paper on exploiting Blind Buffer Overflows in ISAPI extensions which was featured on SecurityFocus. Late in 2005 he relocated to Japan and helped build the Symantec Japan security consulting team. Since relocating, he has done extensive application testing work for a large cellular operator. One such assessment was of a mobile browser implementation, from then on he has enjoyed learning and attempting to break various browsers.



ToolsTube – Isaac Dawson – WTBS from toolswatch on Vimeo.

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