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ARTLAS v1.0 (Apache Real Time Logs Analyzer System)

ARTLAS (Apache Real Time Logs Analyzer System), based on top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities, identifies attempts of exploration in your web application, and notify you or your incident team on Telegram, Zabbix and Syslog/SIEM.

ARTLAS uses the regular expression from the PHP-IDS project, to identify the attempts of exploration.


Changelog v1.0

  • Added CEF for syslog and SIEM
  • Added option to connect in syslog servers or SIEM’s
  • Added Zabbix integration with differents triggers
  • Code review added class structure
  • Added vhost capability
  • Added verbose outup enabled



Supported Output

  • Zabbix
  • SySlog
  • SIEM
  • Telegram

Supported web servers

  • Apache
  • Apache vHost
  • Nginx
  • Nginx vHost

Thanks to Matheus Bernardes for sharing this tool with us.

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